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Having difficulty hearing on the phone?

Rogervoice is the call caption solution for your smartphone. Our app transcribes your calls so you can read your conversations in real time, directly on your mobile phone.

Say hello to your newfound confidence in making phone calls.

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Our users say it best

Everyone who worked on this are gifted and talented! I have a friend that would benefit deeply God Bless 💜


I can hear him and also see everything he is saying at the same time just like if he was right in front of me.just wonderful.


Managed to have a phone conversation with my sister for the first time in years. It was very simple and really quite wonderful. She’s struggled with hearing loss for decades and she’s a big fan of Rogervoice.


I have been trying to find this kind of app since Ive lost my hearing , always had to find someone to make phone calls for me now I can call by myself

Elizabeth W.

I set my dad up on Rogervoice and first want to tell you that it changed his life. He has a hearing issue where it is garbled and the only way he can talk on the phone is through Rogervoice. It opened up his world and wanted to let you know that he is able to talk with friends that he hasn’t in years until Rogervoice.


I couldn’t be happier. I am almost in tears since I am able to make a normal phone call now for the first time in forty years.


Great app! My Dad is hard of hearing and it was frustrating not being able to understand what his children were saying. He was very grateful to me for setting it up for him, and I am grateful for the makers of the app improving his quality of life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


This is a really clever bit of tech. I’ve just spoken to my 90 yr old father who is very hard of hearing. He is still getting used to it but we have had a decent phone conversation for the first time in years.


Haven’t been able to use a phone for years due to deafness. This app enables me to speak to my family. It’s liberating.