About us

Our story, our values

Rogervoice was founded in 2014 by Olivier Jeannel, soon joined by co-founder Bastien Le Rest, CTO.

Olivier Jeannel was born in Los Angeles and became deaf at the age of two. After graduating from UC Berkeley and from Sciences Po Paris, he careered in the telecom industry. He soon realized that technology can address many of the barriers he experiences as a deaf person, and launched Rogervoice!

Ten years later by 2024 Rogervoice prides itself on having made possible over 5 million phone calls in over 52 countries! Over 110.000 people have benefited from being able to have a phone conversation with Rogervoice. We’re the official provider of the telecom industry’s phone-relay service in France and an FCC certified provider of the United States federal telephone relay service. Nearly 100 people work to make things possible at Rogervoice, combining vision, technology, design and execution. We go beyond phone captioning, providing video relay services with sign language, cued speech, braille relay, and human-assisted captioning. Our innovative platform has set new standards and won multiple awards and recognition from institutions and organizations worldwide. 

That’s all well and good, but … what drives us and why do we do what we do? Read on to discover our values and our manifesto!

Our values

Rogervoice l’application pour personnes malentendantes


Using trust as our foundation, to build a better tomorrow!

Gaining the trust of our customers and trusting their feedback to iterate what we do creates a reciprocal dynamic. In our work we believe in trusting our collective capabilities and in a shared future.

outil de communication pour les sourds et malentendants


Always unique, always together, always connected!

We’re united through our mission, a mission to reconnect and be better together. We’re united in our diversity of skills and background, working together in a collaborative spirit.

changer le quotidien des personnes ayant des problèmes d’audition


We like to challenge the status quo!

By asking ourselves what is possible instead of what is not, we seek a higher level of accomplishment for ourselves and for others. Because technology makes us bold and the human condition makes us humble, we question the status quo to become our better selves.


Communication is a bedrock of humanity, uniting us through language and culture, across borders and across generations.

Technology has further expanded the realm of communication. As it has created new challenges, it has also opened up new possibilities. Emails, chat, SMS and apps have revolutionized communication, yet phone calls remain an essential means of contact.

For millions of people worldwide, understanding conversations on the phone isn’t easy, or even possible. From following up with loved ones to making that crucial interview, appointment or check-in happen, a simple phone call can change lives.

It’s why we’re proud of our mission to make phone calls possible according to each person’s needs.

Wherever possible we push the game to the next level, the level where society expects us to be, where our customers deserve to be. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our customers.

Customer experience is our compass star, where we meet where we’re expected, where trust happens and where bridges are crossed. Trust, like communication, is a reciprocal dynamic.

We believe in a collective approach, where we continually learn and challenge, where the emphasis is on being our better selves.

We do our best, no more no less!