Phone calls made possible for the deaf and hard of hearing

Read what you cannot hear. Type what you cannot say. Right from your smartphone.

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Automatic, instant, and private transcriptions

You only need to install the app. Start calling right away, anyone, anytime. At home, at work, or on the go. No waiting time, no intermediaries.

icon audio Read what you cannot hear

With our powerful speech recognition system, RogerVoice transforms phone calls into live instant messages. You can use RogerVoice to call mobiles, landlines and even in teleconferences. It's automatic and it works in real time. The text will appear on your screen at the same time of speaking.

screen app android
screen app android

icon message Type what you cannot speak

With our advanced text-to-speech integration, you can simply type what you want to say and RogerVoice will speak it out loud for you. And with our Quick Messages feature you can set custom, quick, default messages to send whenever you like.

icon privacy Privacy and confidentiality

RogerVoice respects your privacy and does not store your conversation anywhere. You are the only one to have access to your transcriptions, and you can permanently delete them whenever you want.

icon worldWorldwide access

RogerVoice recognizes over 80 languages, and is available in nearly every country. You can change the app language at the click of a button. You can even customise your contact settings, assigning a different language to each one of your contacts.

RogerVoice is made for you

"Thanks! This is so cool and liberating!"

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Ann D.


"I made my first call to a friend and I was blown away!"

picture simone

Simone C.


"This app is opening my world to opportunities that I never had before at work."

picture marcus

Marcus G.


"Just called my Mom and she was in tears. Keep up the good work! Thank you."

picture pat

Pat S.


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Bring friends & family closer

Hearing loss affects over 40% of seniors, for whom telephone conversations can become difficult. With RogerVoice you can keep in touch with your friends and family.

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Open up opportunities

Without a phone, everyday interactions and workplace integration can be a real challenge. With RogerVoice you won't have to hold yourself back from success anymore.

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Boost your independence

Despite emails, SMS, and videos, many situations still require making phone calls. With RogerVoice you’ll have the peace of mind to make as many phone calls as you like.

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