Subtitles for all your calls

Hello? Pardon? Say that again?
It’s not always easy to understand conversations on the phone.

Discover Rogervoice, the app that transcribes your phone calls. So you never miss important moments again.

Keep in touch with your loved ones

Phones make everything possible, from saying I love you to planning your next dinner with friends or that epic trip to the mountains.
Don’t let background noises or hearing loss get in the way of your calls!

Thanks to automatic speech recognition, Rogervoice turns audio into text in real-time, for you to read on your smartphone.

Organise your day-to-day life

Call with confidence using live subtitles. To contact your bank, doctor, mechanic or pharmacy, phone calls are often the best or only option.

Easy to use with your existing number, voicemail and contact list, Rogervoice keeps up with your lifestyle. And in case you missed anything, just read your past call transcripts.

Keep your number

No duplicate calls or complicated setup

When people call your number, the app will automatically pick up the call and transcribe.

Visual voicemail

Confidently view your messages later

Missed call?
Simply read the voicemail transcription and decide whether to call back.

Saved call transcripts

Save and reread your conversation history

Forgot an info or two? Your past call transcripts are saved and easy to find on your device.

Viewing comfort

Our app interface is fully customizable

Choose among high-contrast modes, dark or light themes, colour-sensitive themes, extra-large font … for the best captioning experience, made for you.

Our plans

1 hour plan
Great for getting started

Call 1hr/ month to landline and mobile numbers.

Unlimited plan
For the chatty ones

Unlimited calls to landlines and cellphones and up to 2 hrs/month of international calls.