Olivier, entrepreneur, deaf

Born in Los Angeles, California, he lost his hearing at age 2. When Olivier arrived in France after his studies at UC Berkeley, he was taken aback by the lack of accessibility for hard-of-hearing people. With the advent of Siri in 2011 he realized that if every smartphone could automatically caption conversations, he could call like everyone else.

That's how Rogervoice came about! Our mission? Break down barriers to communication every day.🚀

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Our vision

My calls, my freedom.
Booking a table at a restaurant, making an appointment with your banker, exchanging a train ticket or keeping in touch with our children, parents, grandparents and friends should not be an obstacle course each time.
Deaf and hard of hearing people should be able to call like everyone else, with a simple app! Available 24/7 worldwide.

At Rogervoice we seek to:
👫 Be human above all
🤝 Be there for you and your loved ones
✨ Simplify and improve your experiences
🔍 Find solutions
🤡 Keep a sense of humor

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Rogervoice Team

people so far!

Alexandre Mallégol

Product Manager

Following Master's degree in computer engineering, I trained myself on all aspects of product design. At Rogervoice I design (with the help of Emeline) the user experience for all of our products 🖋
We guarantee that our interfaces are simple to use, beautiful to look at and above all that they meet the needs of deaf people as best as possible!

Karine Thenard

French sign language Interpreter

I was only 14 years old when I discovered and joined the Deaf community. I have never left it since! This is why I am thrilled to be part of this incredible project that works to improve accessibility for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. I graduated in 2014 and joined the fantastic Roger team in 2019. Come see us on Rogervoice!

Kyria Ecrabet

French sign language Interpreter

Hi, it's Kyria! Interpreter at Rogervoice since the beginning of the phone relay, I could follow the evolution of the service. Today this application is a "must-have" for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, a step backwards is unthinkable!! Rogervoice once Rogervoice always...🤩🤩🤩

Flavien Sicard

Lead iOS Developer

Some will say Apple addict 🍎 nothing could be more logical for an iOS engineer.
After my Master in Information Technology, I did a stint in the world of analytics and public transport 🚂 before landing at Rogervoice.
My role is to ensure the development and the stability of the phone stack 📞 on the iOS app as well as working on adding and improving functionalities ✨

Olivier Jeannel

CEO & Founder

When I'm not working at Rogervoice, you'll find me by the ocean or in the mountains! Born in Los Angeles, deaf since age 2, I studied at Berkeley then at Sciences Po Paris before starting a career at Orange. Passionate about entrepreneurship, I encourage projects that have a social impact!

Leslie Lett

French sign language Interpreter

Interpreter since 2009, first in the field and now among the great video-relay team, I take great pleasure in translating various topics. It's a daily challenge with people from all over France! What a rewarding mission! And when I'm not wearing my headset with my hands ready to translate, I enjoy wonderful horseback rides down country lanes with my family!!

Marie Degrou

French sign language Interpreter

French sign language interpreter since 2004 🙋 I am delighted to have joined the crew for new adventures at Rogervoice: life day after day with calls as varied as they are unexpected! ✨

Jonathan Le Quere

iOS Developer

Passionate about computing and new technologies since I was a kid, I had no doubt that it would become my job! As an iOS developer my mission is to maintain the Rogervoice app and to develop upcoming features. When I am not typing away at my keyboard... I am clicking away on my mouse!

Anne-Claire Louisy-G.

French sign language Interpreter

I'm a surfer 🏄‍♀️ ... ok not really, but I surf through life! After 2 years of road trips with my family in a camper van, I'm now riding the Rogervoice wave. 13 years ago when I was training to become an interpreter, we were talking about Video Relay Services, it was more a dream than a reality, yet here I am now! So proud to be part of this adventure. 😊


Head of happiness

I'm mostly around to be played with all day. Always happy to put my favourite toy on my colleagues' lap for them to throw it at me. My favorite moment comes around noon, when my colleagues, a bit clumsily I must say, deliberately drop foodies on the floor, as long as Xavier doesn't notice it.

Tiffany Quesnel

French sign language Interpreter

I discovered the sign language as a teenager and then it has never left me. After 2 years of experience in the field I wanted to discover the specificities of the video-interpretation by joining the Rogervoice team. Since September 2020, I am so happy to be part of this adventure. See you soon by video! 🙂

Iliana Coffin

French sign language Interpreter

I followed my calling first by becoming a sign language interpreter and then through my love for nature by moving to the Luberon countryside. By embarking on the Rogervoice adventure I can now combine both ... being a video-relay interpreter is a professional challenge (due to the variety of people and subjects) that is exciting on a daily basis!

Manon Lamps

Account Manager

A graduate of Kedge Business School and with several experiences where the relational has always been my priority, I turned to the telephone accessibility 📞 for all. I do my utmost to help companies to offer the right service in a friendly atmosphere and in a good mood ✨

Emeline Oberlé

Visual designer

Graphic design, illustration, UI, product design ... Versatility was the cornerstone of my training and is now my daily life at Rogervoice. I am present on all fronts to ensure the visual consistency of our brand. ✨

Audrey Sangla

Communication officer

As a naturally creative person, I've got more than one string in my bow! 🃏 Deaf since birth, I'm now in charge of communications at Rogervoice, with the deaf community and with the interpreting community. To do so I use every imaginable means: vidéos, interviews, partnerships... My goal? Make Rogervoice known! When I'm not at the office scheming new ideas, I make films, I embark on ambitious projects and ... I enjoy my family and friends! 💚

Agnès Rohfritsch

Coordinator - French Cued Speech coder

Phone accessibility for deaf people was a necessity, Rogervoice made it a reality! Therefore, it was without hesitation that I jumped into this great adventure as soon as the telephone relay was launched in 2018, as a video-coder in French Cued Speech, alongside the fantastic Roger Team 💚✌

Xavier Longueville

Lead developer

After a couple of experiences in the OTT field as an iOS developer, I seized the opportunity to join Rogervoice in order to tackle phone accessibility in France (and in the world). I guarantee the stability of our services and the smooth operation of technical developments, working most of the time on backend issues and coordinating with frontend developers.

Marie-Laure Saurel


I started out with a business school degree (ESCP '88 👩🎓) followed by an 18-year career in finance at large multinationals 💰 Then I made a career switch and became a Sign Language interpreter 💃🧚for 10 years. I joined Rogervoice in 2018, merging all my skills to handle finance for a company with sign-language interpreters !😎

Theodora Ehanno

French sign language Interpreter

Graduating in 2009, I have mostly worked in the field before joining RV and finally being able to combine family and professional life!
I am the queen of cocktail parties, so don't hesitate to drop by if you visit my beautiful region in the South West of France!

Florian Afonso

System Administrator

Bugs, Crashes, or any other computer problems. In case of emergency, have the Adminsys reflex...
As Adminsys, I'm in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of the company's IT tools, and assisting our users.
Outside, you can find me at the terrace of a bar, with a cold beer.

Ricardo De Barros

French sign language Interpreter

After 10 great years as a fire safety technician, I decided to change careers and here I am, a sign-language interpreter since 2014! I am delighted to be part of the Rogervoice team 😊

François-Xavier Beuvry

Lead Android Developer

As an Android developer for over 7 years, working for Rogervoice allows me to connect my passion for technology 🤖 with a project that makes sense. In charge of the Android Team, I guarantee the app stability and develop new functionalities with Product and Backend teams. I live in the French Alps and when I'm not at my computer you'll find me running among my mountains. 🏃

Agathe Fossier

People manager

After 12 years working in Human Resources at multinational companies, I wanted to join a mission-oriented company ... and what a mission ! Making phone calls accessible to all 🚀 My ambition is to support Rogervoice in its growth and development, on the entire People Management front. Outside of the office you'll find me at the movies, the museums, or jogging along the canals of Paris 🏃‍♀️

Fanny Mace

French sign language Interpreter

After graduating from ESIT Paris III in 2009, I worked as an interpreter in the Île-de-France region until 2014, both face-to-face and over video, while writing a dissertation in Linguistics at the LS Paris VIII. I then moved to the Hautes-Alpes. Since 2019, flying over France on the wings of Rogervoice has set me on a constant journey.

Fanny Mantel

Sales Manager

Tell me it's impossible and I'll do it 🤘! After 10 great years as a sign language interpreter, I am now Sales Manager at Rogervoice. But above all, I am at your side to accompany you in making your customer service accessible. My mission? To enable deaf and hard-of-hearing people to telephone freely! Outside you'll find me riding my bike all over Paris 😉!

Virginie Masset-Marseille

Coordinator - Sign language interpreter

"What a beautiful job you do" people tell us... and I can confirm! As a video-interpreter and coordinator at Rogervoice, I am happy to contribute to a new form of accessibility! I love calling, and I'm looking forward to interpreting diverse and varied calls for Deaf and hearing people from all over France. Surrounded by a great team of interpreters, within a dynamic and committed company, what better way to always have a smile on my face!

Tiffanie Lejemtel

French sign language Interpreter

As a member of the Rogervoice troop and the team of interpreters, I am proud to participate in the adventure of phone accessibility in France. This also allows me to see users from all over France in 1 day!! But as soon as I hang up my phone, I can go for a walk on the beach and stroll in the forest under the sun :-)

Anne Dumesnil

French sign language Interpreter

Sign language interpreter since 2007. At that time, our deaf trainers dreamed of having a telephone relay service "like in the United States" to order a pizza, call a doctor, a family member... Rogervoice has done just that! And here I am, delighted to be a seasoned remote member of the Roger team.

Natacha Limosa

Coordinator - Sign language interpreter

Combining my job as a sign language interpreter with new technologies? Challenge accepted!
In 2018, I joined Rogervoice and my professional life has changed! Optimistic, determined and always smiling, I am the coordinator of the interpreting team and I lead a fabulous team that is constantly taking on new challenges.✨

Laetitia Briatte

French sign language Interpreter

Passionate about learning modern languages, I have been learning sign-language for about 7 years; this wonderful language has taken me to an unexpected turning point in my professional life. A hostess in the event industry, then a manager for a while during my studies, I became an interpreter not long ago. "Baby Roger", as I am known among interpreters! 💚 If I'm not working, you will probably find me at the restaurant or out with my friends 👯‍♂️

Cécile Demeule

French sign language Interpreter

In activity since 2008, I took great pleasure in starting video-relay interpreting, along with everything unique about it, back in 2009 and for a few years. It has now been since 2020 that I'm back in this field which I missed terribly! I am thrilled to exchange with all of you, with experts in the field and with bons vivants ;o)
Forza Rogervoice!

Sabine Salha

Community Relations

Ms Encyclopedia is the nickname my friends gave me, because I often have the answer to everything!
I like to learn new things, communicate with people, do favors ... that's why I always have a lot of pleasure to exchange with you, whether it's for technical problems or for news! 💚

Molly Jean-Baptiste

Executive assistant

I arrived in January 2020. A trainer, video operator, and supervisor, I was able to take many winding roads with the aim of acquiring many tools and experiences to take root in the structure of a start-up. My mission is to facilitate coordination at the planning level and to bring comfort within this start-up. Together, the green plane will travel faster, further, and longer!

Ahmad Hina

Customer Care

Customer Support is for me putting a smile on every customer’s face. Being able to make a difference, to help connect a call – how Rogervoice connects people, feelings and much more. For all these reasons and many more – I love to be a part of Rogervoice. And in my own small world I am a mom of two and a hobby pastry chef.

Pascal Troadec

Full-stack developer

As a versatile developer specializing in the Web, I have set myself a goal: to put technology at the service of a better world for everyone. At Rogervoice, I work in coordination with developers and different divisions to implement applications, both frontend and backend.

Bastien Le Rest


With a real passion for technology I was drawn to the Rogervoice adventure and joined Olivier early on as his associate to pilot the entire "tech stack" at Rogervoice. I'm also a fan of F1 motorsports 🏎️💨🇮🇹

Emma Dubrunfaut

Communication officer

With various experiences in communication, I joined Rogervoice to handle the company's communications! An experience that is above all human and full of meaning for me 💚 Always focused on well-being, when I'm not behind a computer screen, you will find me jogging, scuba diving... 👟

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