Olivier Jeannel, entrepreneur, profound deaf

Born in Los Angeles in the United States, he becomes deaf-deep at 2 years old.

When he arrives in France to continue his studies at Sciences Po, he is confronted with lack of accessibility for the hearing impaired. He realizes with the release of Siri in 2011 that if the phone conversation was subtitled in real time, thanks to voice recognition then he could make phone calls like everyone else.

That's where Rogervoice was born. The goal ?
Breaking the barrier of deafness everyday ๐Ÿš€

Our vision

My calls, my freedom. Reserve a table at the restaurant, make an appointment with a banker, exchange a train ticket or keep in touch with our children, parents, grandparents and friends must no longer be part of the obstacle course. The deaf and hard of hearing must be able to do it like hearing people, with a simple phone call!

This is what Rogervoice allows by erasing the barrier between sound and other modes of communication. How? By transforming the voice of your correspondent into text or by putting you in video contact with an interpreter LSF or LPC coder.

And it's 24/7, everywhere in the world.

At Rogervoice we want to:

๐Ÿ‘ซ Be human above all

๐Ÿค Be there for you and your loved ones

โœจ Simplify and enhance your experiences

๐Ÿ” Find solutions

๐Ÿคก Keep a sense of humor

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How Rogervoice has changed their lives


I started to become deaf at 22 years old and deafness never left me again. Mourning difficult hearing: 15 years later, I learn the LSF (at IVT) that has changed my life for the better. I was able to change jobs and become a documentalist. I loved my job. Now I am retired but I am very active.
My friends are hearing, oral deaf or signers, it does not matter. RogerVoice allows me to call my relatives and administrations. Easy exchange, comfort and discretion … I love it!


I’m 16 years old, I’m preparing a hair cap at the INJS in Paris. I am a dynamic and open-minded person.
I like to practice sport, travel, discover new things. I am part of a family of 4 children of which I am the last with my twin sister. I love RogerVoice, I can call my mom alone!


I’m 25 years old and I went to a business school which allowed me to travel around the world. I love discovering new cultures and speaking in English. As soon as possible, I watch VOST series on Netflix. I currently live in Paris where I work in customer service so smile, enthusiasm and have the potato are de rigueur!
I am passionate about fashion and interior design, I can spend hours and hours finding rare gems. RogerVoice allowed me to add my phone number on my resume! And of course, to be called by my friends to go out ๐Ÿ™‚


I am a solo father, with three teenagers living in the countryside and working in a financial center. With RogerVoice, I am autonomous despite my deafness. I can now take my personal appointments, but also for children and join professionals, high schools, doctor … In short, all the correspondents who do not use SMS. Try RogerVoice!


I am 35 years old, a couple and a father of two. I work in an operating office of a nuclear reactor. I am passionate about skydiving where I am initiator and animator in relative flight. In addition, I launch some challenges in running in half marathon and marathon. To find me, you have to come and get me 4000 meters higher up in the sky! Want to free fall? Call me via RogerVoice! ๐Ÿ˜‰