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that captions your calls

Reclaim your phone calls with live transcriptions on your mobile.
Free and unlimited, Rogervoice is certified by the FCC.

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Available in more than 52 languages
and 130 countries

Having difficulty hearing on the phone?

Rogervoice is the call caption solution for your smartphone. Our app transcribes your calls so you can read your conversations in real time, directly on your mobile phone.

Say hello to your newfound confidence in making phone calls.

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Our users say it best

Great app! My Dad is hard of hearing and it was frustrating not being able to understand what his children were saying. He was very grateful to me for setting it up for him, and I am grateful for the makers of the app improving his quality of life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


This app is awesome. I have a hearing handicap and could not engage in phone conversations until I got this. The transcribing is realtime with no waiting or delays. A life saver …


My mum lost her hearing about two years ago and I never realised how much I missed talking to her on the phone until I got this app. Its got a better transcribing feature than the vast majority of transcribe specific apps and is incredibly easy to use. Can’t rate it highly enough.


Haven’t been able to use a phone for years due to deafness. This app enables me to speak to my family. It’s liberating.


This is a really clever bit of tech. I’ve just spoken to my 90 yr old father who is very hard of hearing. He is still getting used to it but we have had a decent phone conversation for the first time in years.


The most ease of use and felt like a total reform into a hearing person. Thank you.


I had expected to have a lengthy set up but after I downloaded the app it was only a key strokes to make my first call and it transcribed very clearly.


I couldn’t be happier. I am almost in tears since I am able to make a normal phone call now for the first time in forty years.


This app is easy to use and helps me understand people I can’t clearly hear. I also use it with deaf friends and grandparents that have difficulty hearing. Please spread the word!